DELAWARE, Ohio (WTVN) -- It was a tornado that caused damage in Delaware County early Friday morning.

The storm destroyed a barn on property at North Old State and Howard Roads in Brown Township.  No one was hurt.

"We can look at the pattern of the damage and if it's kind of in a radial pattern like the spokes of a wheel then it could be indicating that the winds were rotating rapidly," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Brian Coniglio.

Coniglio says there's been no determination yet on the strength of the twister.

Damage was also reported north of Dayton. An NWS survey team found it too was caused by a tornado that hit near Phillipsburg. It was rated EF-0 with maximum winds of 85 mph and a path of 1 mile with the width of a football field.

All of the other reported wind gusts to the National Weather Service were below 60 mph.

Winds will continue to be strong throughout Friday. A Wind Advisory has been posted through 6PM Friday.

Flooding is also a problem. A Flood Warning has been issued for Big Darby Creek through Saturday evening. It is expected to crest two feet above flood stage.

(Photo courtesy ABC 6)