COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The Ohio Department of Transportation has a new tool for fighting high grass in tough to reach spots.

"A remote controlled lawn mower with a person right there nearby essentially maneuvering the mower with a handheld device like you or I would do with a remote controlled car that we would play with in the driveway, for instance," said ODOT spokesman Steve Faulkner.

The mower, which is being tested in the Dayton-area, comes with an $80,000 price tag.

"It allows us to get to some of these places that maybe we haven't been able to get to before along the roadway because of how steep the incline is and it puts our people in a little safer place," Faulkner said.

The device, which rides on continuous-tracks like a bulldozer, can be controlled from up to 500 feet away. Faulkner says if it proves to be helpful they may expand the program to the rest of the state.

It's a strange thing to see operating along the highway.

"We're noticing people are kind of watching this in some awe as they're driving along because it's something you don't see all the time," Faulkner said.

(Photo courtesy ODOT)