COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio has seen a full range of winter weather. Heavy snow fell across northwestern Ohio while cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and the eastern and southeastern parts of the state saw very little snow.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is plowing snow drifts off roads in northern Ohio where they can. Spokesman Steve Faulkner says it's a constant battle due to gusty winds that blow the snow right back over the roads. They aren't even dropping salt on roads at this point.

"When you're having gusty winds and blowing snow, it's not really advantageous for ODOT to treat the roads with some kind of de-icer or salt combination," Faulkner said.

In the rest of the state, Faulkner says crews are using a combination of salt and liquid de-icer to keep roads clear of ice. The liquid helps the rock salt stick to the road. It also starts a chemical reaction that actually raises the temperature of the pavement.

"Right now things seem to be pretty steady, pretty clear and easy going on the roadways outside of some of those northern Ohio counties," Faulkner said.

Another big concern has been potholes. Temperatures on Sunday hit 50 degrees and then dove quickly to sub-zero on Monday.

"It's the combination of the freezing and thawing that cracks those road surfaces. Have some traffic on top, have a snow plow that's scraping up the roadway and you're going to see a hole emerge at some point," Faulkner said.

ODOT hopes that if you see a pothole that you'll call it in to them so they can get it fixed. If your vehicle is damaged by the pothole you can file a claim with the state.