COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Hundreds of Ohioans trying to get or renew their driver's licenses this week are running into trouble because of computer problems.

"We installed some software updates that pertain to CDLs and that interfered with the regular licensing program which caused a glitch in the system," said Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles spokesperson Lindsey Bohrer.

People with licenses nearing expiration who can't renew because of the glitch are being issued letters to explain the problem so they're not penalized for it by law enforcement officials. It's not clear when the technical glitch might be resolved.

Bohrer says the problem started Monday and the issue is affecting access to databases that help check drivers' records.

"It was down for a good portion of the day on Monday and it's been hit or miss since then," Bohrer said.

Some drivers have been able to get their licenses.