COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- So how bad are Ohio drivers? A new report finds motorists in the Buckeye State have gone from some of the best in 2011 to some of the worst in 2012. looked at things like fatality rates, drunk driving, failure to obey traffic signals and seat belt laws, tickets, and careless driving. Ohio went from 10th best to 20th worst in just one year.

"You hear everyone saying 'oh no way, my hometown is the worst or my state' but when you put the numbers out there they don't have much to say," said the website's Tyler Spraul.

Ohio's best score came in the fatality rate category, 13th, but it was 43rd among states when it came to obeying traffic signals and buckling up. It also got low marks for drunk driving and was middle of the pack on tickets. Ohioans were 14th best in terms of careless driving.

Among neighboring states, only Pennsylvania scored worse at 15th overall. Kentucky was four spots behind Ohio at 24th, Indiana 29th, West Virginia 34th, and Michigan drivers are the best among Ohio's neighbors at 35th.

For the second year in a row, Louisiana topped the list. South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama round out the top 5 worst states. Vermont scored the best.