COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio will invest $120 million to repair and replace more than 200 county and city-owned bridges over the next three years.

"This investment is going to pay benefits to millions of people, millions of Ohioans, for decades to come," said Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jerry Wray.

The money comes from federal funds that were initially slated to go to other states and through efficiencies at ODOT.

"In the past ODOT hasn’t really helped counties or cities address these kinds of needs but fortunately we’re in a strong enough position now that we can and we will,” Wray said.

Work is expected to begin on the first 40 bridges next year. ODOT will work with local officials to identify the remaining bridges to repair or replace in the following years. Bridges will be selected based on a variety of factors including safety and importance to local job creation efforts.

"Let's set priorities, let's do it honestly and keep the politics out and that's precisely how the decisions will be made as to where these dollars go," said Gov. John Kasich.

Ohio has 44,000 bridges, the second-highest number in the nation behind Texas.

Click here for a map of the location of the first 40 bridges on the list.