COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio fruit growers are not big fans of the sub-zero temperatures we've seen this winter. It has really taken a toll on the state's peach crop.

"It's pretty certain that there's been some damage, but it's going to take some time to figure out how much," said Bill Dodd, president of the Ohio Fruit Growers Marketing Association.

Peaches normally start seeing damage when temperatures drop to - 8 degrees. Dodd says there is still hope since it only takes one or two blossoms to make a crop, but it doesn't look good. Most Ohio peaches are sold at farm markets and the state consumes more than it grows, so it shouldn't have an impact on peach prices at the grocery store.

In Ohio, apples are the cash crop for fruit growers. Dodd says they'll have to wait to see what the damage has been to those crops as well, but they are much heartier than peaches. Damage usually doesn't start showing up until temperatures hit -20 degrees.

"Now that's not to say there couldn't have been damage, but at this point we're going to assume that the apples are going to be okay," said Dodd.

Laboratories are analyzing grapevines, blackberry canes and strawberry plants for damage.