COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- One person was rescued from a house fire in Circleville Monday morning.

The blaze on North Pickaway Street broke out around 7:30AM. Circleville Fire Chief Tim Tener says one person was pulled from the home by an off-duty firefighter, who was just finishing his shift at the nearby fire station on North Court Street. The Red Cross is helping the victim.

The smell of smoke spread throughout the north side of town.

"They're working with him to get him some emergency shelter and some emergency belongings," said Tener.

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The roof eventually collapsed on the structure, making it difficult to fight.

"Where the fire is still burning is underneath the collapsed areas where we can't get water into, to get it put out," Tener said.

The house is set back from the street, which made it difficult for firefighters to do their job. Tener says six departments were eventually called in to assist, from all over Pickaway County. With the sweltering heat, crews were rotating shifts, and getting water, cold towels, and sandwiches from the American Red Cross in the meantime, while shedding their fire suits.

Tener says the blaze started in the basement, and the structure itself actually helped spread the blaze to the attic. Tener calls it "balloon studs."

"The wall studs go clear from the basement, or the foundation, clear to the attic, and they are open...there's no fire stops in them."

No word yet on exactly what started the fire.

He says the "clutter" in the house also made it difficult to fight.

"We're tripping and falling as we're trying to get into the house, or around the house. It just makes our operations a while lot harder."