COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The Ohio State University Board of Trustees say they won't take any action on the decision to fire OSU Marching Band Director Jon Waters.

"The Board of Trustees stands firmly behind the Office on University Compliance's investigation and the University's decision to terminate Mr. Waters," the board's Jeffrey Wadsworth wrote in a letter to Waters' attorney David Axelrod.

The letter adds that OSU has high expectations of all of their employees and the Trustees will support leadership in making sure those expectations are exceeded.

Wadsworth also wrote that the university will take all necessary steps to protect those included in the investigation from harassment or retaliation.

"We consider the matter closed and we are moving forward as a University."

Axelrod was shocked by the decision.

"You would think that out of a sense of common decency the university would give a guy like Jonathan a chance to tell his side of the story, especially in light of all the great things he has done for the university," he said.

Axelrod thinks it's sad that the university seems to be basing all of their decisions on a report that he calls inaccurate and flawed. He believes the university is likely the only ones that trust the report.

"I'm skeptical that they believe in it anymore," he said.

He says litigation is still on the table, but that he hasn't discussed it with Waters. Ultimately, Waters wants to get his job back.

"Jonathan is focused on getting his job back, not a monetary settlement," Axelrod said.

He called Waters the "solution, not the problem."