PATASKALA, Ohio (WTVN) -- A woman has made central Ohio a little bit sexier.

Sheila Ranea Crabtree has received legal approval to change her first name to "Sexy" on Tuesday. She called her original first name "ugly," and filed the proper paperwork to have it changed. 

"I think I hated it more, the older I got the worse it was and that's why I started going by Ranea clear back when I was a teenager," she told 610 WTVN's John Corby.

After paying the fees and getting a court date, a Licking County Judge approved the change. Crabtree said had the judge rejected her request, she would have gone with a backup suggestion, "Sparkle".

Crabtree sought approval from her husband and daughters before seeking the change. She says it matches her personality.

"I just like to have a lot of fun. I have a fun personality so I might as well go with what I like. I don't care what anybody thinks," she said.

The case came to light after notice to have it changed was posted in the newspaper for 30 days, which is required by law.