COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- A national bus tour highlighting workplace issues for women came through Ohio Tuesday.

Among the issues brought up were equal pay, paid sick days, affordable child care, and affordable health care. The bus tour, which included House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was dubbed "When Women Succeed, America Succeeds."

"If you want to grow the U.S. economy the best thing you can do is engage women in the economic growth of our country," Pelosi said.

She talked about how 60 percent of those making minimum wage in the nation are women and two-thirds of Ohio's women are in the same spot.

"If we want to make that change, we're only 17 votes away from making it," Pelosi said.

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty was also on board. She said that Congress has done a lot in the past to address many of the issues, but more needs to be done.

Democrats are using the bus tour to try and take control of the House, urging Americans to replace Republicans in November. Midterm elections can often be painful for the party that has the White House.

"Every place the bus has gone, it's beyond a political message, it's real stories," said Beatty.

The women told stories of female workers who have had to send their children to school sick because they couldn't afford to take time off work. They also gave examples from other countries like Japan and Columbia where the economy has started to turn around due to more opportunities for women.

The group claims that women make about 77 cents compared to a dollar for their male counterparts doing the same job. The gap gets even wider for minorities.