COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police are hoping members of the public can help solve a series of homicides, dating back to the late 1990's.

U.S. District Attorney Carter Stewart is working with Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien and Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs to find out who is responsible for fifteen different killings the last sixteen years. 

"Information has developed from a task force that has been working over the last year that indicates that there may be common threads among these fifteen homicides," said Stewart. 

What that common thread is, officials did not disclose. There is a new hotline set up just on these cases, at 614-849-1766. 

O'Brien says they can take tips anonomously, noting, "Many times, we face the problem of lack of cooperation by witnesses, people who talk to the police and say they didn't see or hear anything at the time, because of fear of the people involved, and the kind of crimes that you see here."

He says most of the unsolved crimes highlighted involved home invasions.

Jacobs says crimes like these affect more than just families of the victims, but communities as well.

The unsolved homicides include:

Byron Boyce--01/22/1998, 294 E. 8th Avenue

Tony Seuell--11/23/1998, 1479 N. 4th Street

Saniqua Hester--07/12/2005, 531 Lilley Avenue

Michael Teague (Mike-T)--01/12/2006, 385 Garfield Avenue

Allen Johnson--04/16/2006, 5861 Hallworth Avenue #B

Anthony Martin (Ant Man)--07/23/2006, 506 St. Clair Avenue

Kenneth Crawford--04/25/2007, E. 8th Avenue and Hamlet St.

Marcus Peters--10/06/2007, 2627 Bridgestone Drive

Rodriccos Williams--11/03/2007, 100 Simsbury Court, Pickerington

Dante Hill--12/12/2007, 1805 E. 26th Avenue

Shane McCuen--03/11/2008, 514 Gray St, Zanesville

Tyrell Davis--04/25/2008, 1738 E. Long Street #K

Larry Moore--08/12/2010, 1634 E. 25th Street

Crystal Fyffe--10/16/2011, 614 Belvidere Avenue

Stephan J. Austin (Nutty)--07/04/2013, 608 E. 4th Avenue