COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --A stretch of I-270 in northwest Columbus has been dedicated to the memory of a local Navy pilot many consider a hero.

The “Lt. Miroslav Steven Zilberman Memorial Highway” will run along I-270 from State Route 33 to State Route 315. A dedication ceremony was held Tuesday morning at the Perry Township Police Station.

Lt. Zilberman, who grew up in Columbus and whose family still lives in central Ohio, was a Navy pilot serving in Afghanistan. He died saving three crewmates by steadying a hurtling plane so that the rest of the crew could safely eject.  

“Each day our service members, like Steven, sacrifice their lives in defense of our nation and freedom. His act of valor saved the lives of his crewmen,” said State Rep. Kevin Boyce at the ceremony.

“Steven believed in the American dream. A dream that avows no matter your upbringing, social status or native country, through hard work and perseverance one can achieve and create a wonderful life. With his selfless commitment to his country and this ideal, Steven has ensured that the rest of us can continue to pursue the American Dream.” 

Lt. Zilberman was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroic actions, which was presented to his widow Katrina and two children, Daniel and Sarah. 

(Photo courtesy ABC6)