POWELL, Ohio (WTVN) --Three healthy red pandas born at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium last month are being closely monitored.  The Zoo says the cubs' mortality rate is especially high in the first two months.  

The cubs, two males and one female, were born June 20 to two-year-old mother, Kiah, and three-year-old father, Rinzen. Giving birth to one to four cubs is typical for red pandas, but a litter of three is relatively large for first-time parents like Kiah and Rinzen. 

The red panda is not closely related to the black and white giant panda. Instead, these animals are named after their diet, as panda means bamboo-eater. 

The litter marks the first at the Columbus Zoo since 2002 and is the fourth set of triplets to be born in an American zoo so far this year. Visitors can expect to see the cubs this fall after the cubs emerge from the den. 

Watch a video of the cubs and their mother here.