WASHINGTON, DC (WTVN) -- Several cities, including Columbus and Cleveland, made their pitch Monday to the site selection committee for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Cincinnati will be in Washington, DC to make their presentation in a couple weeks.

"We're overwhelmed with the enthusiasm around the country to actually host a convention. It's a lot of work for the cities and it's obviously a lot of work for the party, but we know what we're getting ourselves into," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Kansas City, Denver, and Phoenix also made their pitches Monday. Dallas and Las Vegas will join Cincinnati.

Transportation is one of the biggest factors. Priebus says he doesn't want a convention with delegates trapped on buses stuck in traffic. One of the things they'll be exploring is how long it takes to get from hotels to venues. Timing is also an issue. Priebus is hoping to get primaries moved up earlier so the convention can be held in late June or mid-July instead of August.

Finances are another big factor in the decision. Republicans hope to make this a business decision. RNC Site Selection Committee Chairperson Enid Mickelson says the fun part of the equation comes later.

"The party part will come from somebody else and not really our committee. We want to make a good business decision and that's what we're focused on," she said.

One factor that's not a big part of the selection is the politics of a state. Ohio has sold itself on being vital to the election, but Republicans haven't carried the state that's hosted their convention since President George H.W. Bush won Texas in 1992. Priebus is also not concerned about taking the convention to a Democratic stronghold like Cleveland.

He says the most important thing is to not have a convention with all kinds of logistical problems that steal the spotlight.

"We have to make sure that we put on a convention that gives our nominee a bump and to me that is the number one purpose of having a convention," he said.

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