GALION, Ohio (WTVN) -- A same-sex couple was denied a family pass at the Galion city pool.

"It was a shocker at first," said Melody Mohn who has four children and lives with her female partner.

She took the issue to city council and hoped it would be quickly resolved. There is a resolution coming, but it's not a quick one.

Galion City Council is taking a look at the policy which limits family pool passes to three children and their mother and father.

"This was from years ago," said Council President Carl Watt. "We do intend on changing the wording, we just want to do it right."

The issue came up at the council's latest meeting. Watt says they'll let the issue go the full three-readings instead of declaring an emergency. That means the issue won't be resolved until swimming season is nearly over.

Without the family pass, Mohn says it costs a lot more to take her children to the pool. A season pass was about $120. Now each visit costs about $16. She says buying a pass in the past has never been an issue.

"This year they just wouldn't sell me one because of my change in relationship status," she said.

Watt says they've heard that a lot of people were going to pools in neighboring communities because they didn't qualify for a family pass in Galion. That's something he doesn't want to happen.

"It was nothing malicious it was just an oversight of something that hasn't been changed," he said.

(Photo courtesy Melody Mohn)