SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WTVN) -- Normally when a school district puts a levy on the ballot it means taxes are likely going to go up. That's not the case in Springboro where voters will get a chance to actually lower their taxes with a renewal levy.

"I do believe that's rare if not never been done before," said Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education President Kelly Kohls.

The current levy generates $9.2 million, but the renewal will only bring in $7.9 million. The district is projecting a $7.2 million carryover in their 2017 budget.

"I don't believe it's appropriate to keep stockpiling money because we can," Kohls said.

Kohls doesn't think they'll need any additional money for some time to come if voters say yes in November.

So what's the secret to having too much money when other districts claim to be penny pinching? Energy pipelines, according to Kohls. One brings in $3.5 million and another could bring in millions more. She also says district leaders have been managing money well and living within their means.

Kohls says the district has been able to start adding programs that other districts have already had.

"We're able to give raises that we've not been able to give for a number of years," she said.

The 10.28 mill levy that's currently in place will actually appear as an 8.78 mill levy when voters see it in November.

(Photo courtesy: Getty Images)