MINFORD, Ohio (WTVN) -- Tired of saying the same thing over and over, Minford Local Schools technology director Ryan Stockham decided to toss it up a little when he had to send out a phone message to alert parents and students that school was once again closed.

"We've had so many calamity days and delays this year. We had a few people just kind of joking around that we need to jazz things up a bit," he said.

So he began recording short jingles set to the tune of well-known songs.  

He started with one set to Stevie Wonder's 1984 hit "I Just Called To Say I Love You."

"I was pretty nervous when I sent it out the first time because I didn't know how people were going to react to it," he said. "So far it has been pretty positive so I've posted a few more."

He followed it up with "Ice Ice Minford" a parody of Vanilla Ice's 1990 song "Ice Ice Baby." 

However, Stockham says he was in trouble when the district opted to delay classes instead of cancel them recently. He didn't have a delay song written and heard about it from several disappointed students and parents.

"It's just a kind of a goofy jingle from my perspective, but people really seem to like them," he said.

He has since recorded a version about delayed classes to Queen's "We Are The Champions."

Stockham is asking students to submit their own jingles. He's made it a contest with a $50 gift card as the prize. One will be awarded at each building: elementary, middle school, and high school.

He's anticipating getting to use the jingles several more times before the end of the school year.