COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- For several years, Ohio Sen. Eric Kearney has trekked from Cincinnati to Columbus to raise awareness about different causes.

"Prior years I've done childhood obesity, infant mortality, healthy choices for healthy children, juvenile diabetes," said Kearney, a Cincinnati Democrat.

This year he decided to walk the entire state for childhood asthma. 

"13.7 percent of Ohio's children have asthma. It is one of the leading causes for kids to miss school," he said.

Kearney started a week ago on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland. After resting a couple of days in Columbus, he kicked off the second leg of the trip from the Statehouse on Friday.

"We typically walk about 26 to 30 miles," Kearney said. "We'll be in Cincinnati on May 5 at Fountain Square by 5 p.m."

The key is to change shoes and socks every four hours, rest as needed, and have a support crew.

Kearney, who is in his final year in the Ohio Senate, said he's always known Ohio to be a beautiful state by car, but it's even nicer to see by foot.

You can follow Kearney's progress here: