COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Shooting a gun into the air to celebrate the new year is an old tradition, but it's a tradition police say needs to stop. Bullets have to land somewhere and too many times they end up damaging property, hurting people, or in some cases killing people.

"It's stupid, it's dangerous, it's illegal," said Buckeye Firearms Association President Jim Irvine. "It's poor gun ownership, it's a poor citizen, and it's just behavior that shouldn't be tolerated in any way shape or form any longer."

Anyone caught shooting a weapon in the air can face a variety of charges depending on where that shot lands.

"You have to know your target and what's beyond it. Where is that bullet going to go after it leaves the gun? Until it comes to a final resting place you're responsible for it and everything it does," he said.

Shots from handguns can travel between 3/4 of a mile and 1 mile depending on caliber, but rifles can go much further.

In Columbus, police have partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor to launch several digital billboards to remind people that shooting in the air is an illegal and dangerous way to celebrate.

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