NEWARK, Ohio (WTVN) --It took police in Newark a while to figure out the story behind a man who walked into a convenience store covered in blood.

Monday morning, they say, a man went into the Circle K on W. Church Street with blood covering his arms, pants and shoes.  

"If you think I look bad, you should see the guy in the back of the truck!", was his response to the obviously stunned clerk and customers.  

One of them called police with the license plate number of the truck, but police had no luck finding it--at least not right away.

Eventually, they learned another police agency had contacted the man about a deer hit by a car.  The man had all the right paperwork and took the deer.  

You guessed it.  The blood was from the deer.  He had gone to the convenience store to buy ice to keep it cold until he got off work and could butcher it.