COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- A Florida woman who's son, Jordan Davis, was killed at a gas station after an argument over loud music was in Ohio Thursday urging lawmakers not to pass a bill that opponents claim is "stand your ground."

"I understand completely that it gives immunity to the criminals. It broadens the scope in which they are able to use their guns on innocent victims," said Lucia McBath.

The man who shot Davis, who was unarmed, used Florida's "stand your ground" law as a defense.

House Bill 203 is a wide-ranging gun bill that passed the House last November. It has yet to get a hearing in the Ohio Senate.

The bill is opposed by several clergy members, the Ohio NAACP, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. 

Opponents cite research done by Texas A&M in 2013 that shows these types of laws are associated with an increase of up to 700 homicides every year.

“A gunman fired ten bullets into a car of unarmed teenagers, killing my son Jordan Davis, because of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law,” said McBath, national spokesperson for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. “On behalf of mothers and families across the country, I urge Ohio leaders to reject this dangerous legislation.” 

The part of the bill that these groups find most appalling is a provision that expands the circumstances in which a person does not have to attempt to retreat before using deadly force.