DELAWARE, Ohio (WTVN) -- It looks like a break for investigators looking into last Sunday's hit-skip in Delaware County that killed a teacher.

Staff Lt. Anne Ralston with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says they believe they have found the gray vehicle involved in the crash on Miller Paul Rd.

Ralston says they are talking to someone they have identified as being connected to the vehicle. However, Ralston says that person is not necessarily a suspect.

DeSales science teacher and cross country coach Robert Lennon was killed while riding his bicycle in that area. It's believed the driver of the gray vehicle hit Lennon but didn't stop. Lennon's body was later found in a ditch by other cyclists.

At a news conference Thursday, troopers showed photos of some of the pieces of the vehicle that's believed to have hit Lennon. They included what looked to be part of a bumper and possibly a mirror.

Lennon's funeral was held Thursday at DeSales High School.