COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio's top elections official says he's worked with county boards to clear nearly all the duplicate voter registrations from the state's voter database.

Secretary of State Jon Husted said the perennial battleground state only has four duplicate registrations, down from more than 340,000 in January 2011. Ohio has more than 7.7 million voters.

“Maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter rolls is an ongoing process that is important in helping to ensure greater security and more efficiency in the administration of elections in Ohio,” Husted said. “The success our state has had in cleaning up the voter rolls is one example of how we are making it easier to vote and harder cheat.”

He says more than 129,500 voters have updated their addresses using the state's online change of address system. Roughly 300,000 mailings were sent to voters to confirm or update their information.

Husted says close to 245,000 deceased Ohioans have been removed from voter rolls since 2011.

“Working with the 88 county boards of elections, we have done more in the last two and a half years to improve and maintain the Ohio’s voter rolls than has been done since the Statewide Voter Registration Database was established in 2004 - ensuring the system’s integrity and instilling confidence into Ohio voters,” said Husted.