WILMINGTON, Ohio (WTVN) -- No matter where you are in Ohio, you'll likely see some impact from this winter storm.

Northern Ohio could see anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of snow by morning.

"I think most people will be 6 to 8 and there will be a few isolated amounts over 8 inches, maybe up to 10 inches in a band running from west-central Ohio up into northeast Ohio," said Seth Binau, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Central Ohio will see more of a mixed bag. Binau calls it "a lot of everything."

"Columbus down to Wilmington, Xenia, Lebanon over to Brookville, Indiana - that cooridor is likely to get several hours of snow and sleet, which will accumulate several inches, and then probably a period of freezing rain and sleet that may go over to all freezing rain," he said.

South of Columbus and along the Ohio River the bigger concern is with ice.

"We're expecting anywhere from a quarter inch up to four-tenths of an inch of ice, maybe even a few locations up towards a half-inch. When you get up toward a half-inch your impacts really start to increase," he said.

Binau expects to see power outages from the storm, but says they won't be long-term like they were back during the last ice storm in 2004.

Travel will be very difficult once the storm beings. Binau says if you can stay off the roads it's best.

"You've got to be off the roads ahead of this system because the rate of precipation falling is going to significantly impact visibility, it will be night. Temperatures have been below freezing so roads will ice up quickly," he said.