COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Several Bishop Watterson High School students used a scheduled day off to protest outside of the Columbus Catholic Diocese. The students are upset about the firing of Carla Hale, a teacher who was fired after her mother's obituary named her same-sex partner.

"We don't find it right at all. We don't find it in-line with what the Catholic church teaches about love, forgiveness, and not judging people," said Bishop Watterson senior Grant Stover.

Hale was fired because her relationship violates the teachings of the Catholic Church. The school says Hale was not fire because she's gay, but because she's living with someone outside of marriage and made it public.

Hale has filed a grievance with the teacher's union and a complaint with the city of Columbus which has an ordinance banning someone from being fired over their sexual orientation.

"She's always been a great lady who loves her students and loves her job," said senior Zac Simmons. "We want her back."

Hale's story has grabbed attention from around the nation and the world with nearly 63,000 signatures on an online petition urging the school to return her to the job she's held for 19 years.

The hacking group Anonymous appears to be getting involved as well. They released a video on Friday claiming to be digging for information about school administrators "with a fine-tooth comb" and that any thing they find will be made public.

"Be warned...we will make absolutely sure justice is done," the computer-generated voice on the video said.