COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- When it comes to the best drivers in America Columbus has some work to do.

Allstate Insurance looked at the 200 largest cities in America and ranked them by average years between accidents. Dayton was the highest ranking Ohio city at 34th, but it fell 16 spots from a similar ranking in 2012.

Akron was second in the state with a national ranking of 52, up 6 spots from last year. Cleveland wasn't far behind at 58th, a five spot jump from a year ago. Toledo came in 78th, an increase of 7 from 2012 while Cincinnati moved up two spots to 115th. Columbus was the worst in the state at 139th, a drop of four positions from a year ago.

"We're not calling anybody a bad driver, we're just kind of getting people aware of how many collisions are happening in their area, how often they're happening, and what they can do to take control of that situation," said Allstate Insurance spokesperson Meghan Cass.

And because it's Ohio, we took at look at the six cities in the Buckeye State and four in Michigan that made the list to find who had the better average. Ohio's average was 79th while Michigan was 112th. The highest ranking city on the list from Michigan was Grand Rapids at 62nd, but that city also saw the biggest improvement in the country, jumping 25 spots.

Nationwide, drivers in Fort Collins, Colorado only crash once in nearly 14 years while drivers in Washington, DC are involved in a crash about once every 4.8 years. The national average is 10 years.

Cass says they also found that 70 percent of vehicles involved in crashes were drivable after the crash meaning most are low-speed collisions.