COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio is the 13th fattest state in the nation, according to a report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

"Obesity rates among the states held steady," said Albert Land with the Trust for America's Health and author of the study. "We only saw increases in one state and that was Arkansas."

But even though the rates are leveling off they're extremely high. Ohio is one of 13 states with obesity rates over 30 percent. The number jumps to nearly 35 percent among Baby Boomers, but Lang says we are making progress.

"If you look at Ohio's rate of young adults who are 18-25 it's only 15.3 percent which is pretty low."

Obesity is higher among Ohioans earning a lower income. Lang says access to fresh and healthy food is a big hurdle.

"The food they can afford is unhealthy and it doesn't fill them up so they have to eat more of it," he said.

It's one reason the Ohio Department of Health is targeting low-income areas with programs to help fight obesity. They're pushing for more community gardens, farmers' markets, bike or walking trails and new playgrounds.

"For the last 10, 15, 20 years we've just seen that overweight and obesity keeps rising up and up and up and we just thought 'man if we can keep it from increasing that would be a huge gain,'" said ODH's Ann Weidenbenner.

She says the battle will be a long one, but she's expecting Ohio to finally get a handle on the obesity problem.

Louisiana was the fattest state with 34.7 percent of those living there obese. Colorado was the thinnest with a 20.5 percent obesity rate.