CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WTVN) -- A man is in jail after trying to escape from police in a drain pipe.

Police were called to a home at 164 Plyley's Lane on the west side of Chillicothe just before 1 p.m. Wednesday on a report of people trying to break in. It's an area that has seen a rash of recent burglaries. The suspects fled on foot when officers arrived.

One of the suspects was tracked to a storm drain on Porter Drive. Officers ordered the man, identified as Blake Sherrick, 20, to come out of the drain, but he refused and crawled further inside.

Police then shot pepper spray into the pipe, but that didn't work. The Chillicothe Fire Department was called in to flush the pipe with water. Sherrick stayed in the pipe for about 90 minutes before finally giving up.

Sherrick is charged with criminal trespass and obstructing official business.