COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio lawmakers are considering a ban on anyone under the age of 18 being allowed to use tanning beds.

Wednesday, a Senate committee heard testimony in favor of the proposal. One of the witnesses was Dr. Brett Coldiron, a dematologist from Cincinnati. He says the number of skin cancer cases has been going up.

"The tanning has been around for a long time. The trips to Florida have been around for a long time. The tanning beds have not been around for a long time," he said. "The epidemic in melanoma in young women is rising very, very raipidly."

If approved by lawmakers, Ohio would join six other states with similar laws on the books.

Coldiron says he's tired of taking melanoma off 30-year old women. He says there is no safe tan and that when your skin turns brown it's screaming that there is something wrong.

Current Ohio law requires tanning salons get permission from parents before anyone under 18 can tan.