COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Need a job? The insurance industry in Ohio has about 26,000 to fill by the year 2020. That's enough to more than fill Nationwide Arena.

"The majority of those are Baby Boomer retirements within the industry, but they're also projecting that 6,000 of the jobs are going to be new jobs here in Ohio," said Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, head of the Ohio Dept. of Insurance.

The jobs aren't just for selling insurance policies. They include accounting, information technology, and claims adjusters.

Ohio's colleges and universities are rolling out programs to help train people to take these new positions.

"We need to create a comprehensive insurance curriculum at Ohio two-year colleges and four-year universities in order to education future generations of those who will be working in the insurance industry," Taylor said.

The Ohio insurance industry ranks seventh in the nation with more than 95,000 employees and an annual contribution of $17.4 billion to the state’s economy, yet only a few years ago no college or university in the state offered a risk management and insurance degree.

Kent State University has a successful program and the University of Cincinnati, Franklin Universities, Ohio Dominican, Ohio Northern, and Bowling Green have either launched a program or are set to do so soon.