COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --The U.S. Travel Association is warning that without investment in America's transportation infrastructure, some interstates will see Labor Day-like traffic every day in a little more than a decade.

Based on growth as projected by state transportation agencies, the Association's report says the Interstate 70 corridor between Columbus and Pittsburgh will experience 140% to 160% of average daily traffic by 2026.

"Transportation used to be something that was agreed upon, something to invest in for the future and for a better quality of life",says the Association's Erik Hanson. "That's not the case anymore, and that's discouraging", he says.

While other economic competitors of the United States are placing huge investments in their infrastructures, Hanson says we've decided it's just not worth it.

Hanson says "chronic" traffic can actually keep people from wanting to travel and that can have a huge impact on the economy.

"Unless Congress is able to get its act together, the plan is to put up with it. But unless Americans are fed up with it, we probably won't see a lot of change", Hanson says.

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)