COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Columbus Police say they will not file charges against Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde.

On Saturday, Sgt. Rich Weiner says investigators talked with the woman who claimed she was assaulted by Carlos Hyde.

"She told investigators that she did not want to pursue charges at this time," Weiner said.

Weiner declined to say why she made that decision.

Hyde was named as a person of interest in the police report on the incident at a downtown Columbus bar early the morning of July 20th. He was suspended from the football team while the investigation was ongoing. Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer announced Tuesday night that Hyde would sit out the first three games of the season and have other "obligations" to complete. He did not detail what those obligations might be.

Weiner wouldn't speculate on whether or not they had enough evidence to file charges had the victim decided to move forward because the investigation was not complete.

610 WTVN Buckeye football analyst Stanley Jackson believes Hyde will likely still see punishment.

"If I see my son with a book of matches in his hand and he's trying to strike the match and it doesn't light on fire it doesn't mean there's not a penalty," he said.

Jackson says he's not sure what sparked the woman to hit Hyde first, but he says Hyde has to walk away and handle the situation differently.

Jackson does not believe that Hyde will be kicked off the team.

"Kicking him off the team...I don't think that's going to get the change that we want in some of his attitudes," Jackson said.