STRATTON, Ohio (WTVN) -- An eastern Ohio village's display of crosses for the Easter holiday is drawing the ire of a group that pushes for the separation of church and state.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote a letter to the village of Stratton, which hugs the Ohio River north of Steubenville, requesting that the crosses be removed from the municipal building.

"There's no greater endorsement of Christianity by a government entity than putting a big Latin cross on the side of the village hall," said Rebecca Markert, a senior staff attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The group first got involved with the village in October, 2012 when they asked that the same crosses be removed then. They were, but Mayor John Abdalla told the Steubenville Herald-Star last week that they can be put back up to celebrate Easter. Mayor Abdalla declined to comment when reached by phone Wednesday.

Markert disagrees.

"Government entities could celebrate the cultural phenomenon," she said. "But they're not allowed to celebrate the religious aspects of the holiday."

The letter states that "the seasonal display of the crosses in recognition of Easter, the Christian celebration of Jesus' resurrection, is no less illegal."

Markert is asking for the crosses to be removed immediately. She says they have yet to hear a reply from the village.

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