COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Two weeks after being fired for allowing a "sexualized culture," former Ohio State University Marching Band Director Jon Waters is speaking out.

Waters says he wants to clear not only his name, but the reputation of the students and the organization he led.

"I'm here standing up for the students, for the alumni, and for myself, whose reputations are all maligned by this report," Waters said during an interview on NewsRadio 610 WTVN.

Waters says the report, which was done by the university after the parents of a student raised allegations of a sexualized culture in the band, was very one sided. He says it also was based on a small sample size and that investigators only talked with people named by the person who filed the complaint.

"The report didn't give any wide variety, any wide swath of the true culture of the band," Waters said.

Waters started as a student in the band back in the 1990s and rose through the ranks to eventually become director in 2012. He says many of these issues date back to the 1930s, but he was starting to change that.

"Because I knew the culture, because I had experienced the culture and seen the culture, when I was director I had the opportunity to address the culture and fix certain issues within that culture," he said.

He believes he wasn't given a fair and open assessment to really show what had been done.

"I feel that I really was the agent of change."

Waters hopes to be reinstated at Ohio State. 

"I would take my job back," he said.

Ohio State University issued a statement defending Water's firing.

"The former director has yet to produce any factual examples that demonstrate any tangible attempts to change the band culture.  In fact, the former director himself acknowledged that he knew of the nicknames both as a student member of the band and as its director."

(Photo courtesy Dave Maetzold/610WTVN)