COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Another winter storm is taking aim at Ohio and is expected to bring a wide variety of conditions to the state. Forecasters are calling for rain along the Ohio River, ice mixing in with snow in central Ohio and heavy snow in the northern part of the state.

"When we're in snow and we're getting 6 - 8 inches of snow we can plow it easily, when we're getting ice we can use a mixture of salt and other liquid de-icers," said Ohio Dept. of Transportation spokesman Steve Faulkner.

He says this winter has really been taxing on crews and the ODOT budget. The state is approaching $80 million in cost to remove snow and ice from roads. Plow drivers have already covered 9.7 million miles of roadway - enough to circle the Earth more than 400 times.

"I think in some ways we'd almost prefer to have a foot of snow, as much as people don't like that,as opposed to 10 different snow events where we get a half-inch or an inch and have to treat the roadways in those cases too," Faulkner said.

Salt supplies for the state are okay for now. ODOT ordered another 25,000 tons of salt for western Ohio where more snow has fallen this winter. They're also looking at ways to help local governments that are running low.

"We're working on our own supplies and constantly assessing what we have. We're also reaching out to some of the local government entities to say 'what are your needs and how can we kind of share some of this stuff?'"

Faulkner says they'll do their best to keep up with the winter weather during the storm. He also points out that snow plows typically only drive about 35 - 40 mph on interstates so if you're driving along keep in mind plows won't be up to highway speed.