Ohio State football went pfffffffft in the holiday months of December and November earning their spot among along side some of the best Buckeyes teams of the Cooper era in the process.

Lots of potential. Lots of high hopes but at the end of the season nothing but another two loss OSU team.

Sure people will remember Braxton Miller's improved passing and Carlos Hyde's driven run to a 15-hundred yard season.

But the end result smacks of the 90's. Two losses to end the season. The enduring legacy of this talent laden team will be the finish not the start.

Should we have seen this coming? Should we have know the prospect of wins over no name or unranked opponents would eventually bite Brutus in the butt end of the season?




Through the 24 straight wins to begin the Urban Meyer era, the one thing that's missing is a signature win.

Sure, there are two wins over Michigan--or as Urban and his staff like to refer to them--"That- school-up-north".

Last year the Wolverines were ranked 19th. This year the Wolverines were not ranked at all.

In the just completed perfect regular season, the Buckeyes defeated two ranked teams. Wisconsin was ranked 23rd at the time and finished the season 19th after a loss to South Carolina. Northwestern was ranked 16th at the time but dropped their six games and dropped out of the rankings.

Last year maybe? There was the big win over 21st ranked Nebraska and the overtime win over then un-ranked Wisconsin.

But the big upset win over a higher ranked opponent doesn't exist.

The big win over a top-5 team doesn't exist.

Top 10 maybe? Nope.

Top 15? No.

What the Buckeyes have is 24-2 and rings for winning back to back Big Ten Leaders Division titles.

It's something to be proud of but miles away from a crystal football.