At Ohio State, the first requirement of the football coach is to win. Win games, win the Big Ten, win the Michigan game, win the bowl game and at least every couple of decades, win a national championship.

Pretty simple untill you start breaking it down.

The coach also must win every recruit within a 500 mile radius of Columbus. Any athlete who may potentially develop into a player who could do damage against Ohio State in a big game. (See Charles Woodson and Ryan Brewer)

The coach also must win with style. Undefeated seasons, Big Ten titles, wins over Michigan and even national championships can sometimes be overshadowed by a lack of offensive flair. (See Tressel-ball)

There are any number of other requirements. Things like graduation rates, academic progress and keeping players out of police reports also tend to enhance the job security of the man who occupies the highest (athletic) office in the Buckeye State.

Now comes something new.

A letter to the editor of Sunday's Columbus Dispatch indicates it is now equally important for the wife of Ohio State's head coach to learn to chew her gum properly.

According to Terrie Massa's letter to the paper's sports editor, Shelley Meyer's gum chewing was so distracting following the Northwestern game Ms. Massa couldn't concentrate on what the coach was saying during his presss conference.

Sports Editor Ray Stein said he heard from "many" others readers on the topic of Mrs. Meyer's gum chewing.

Count me among the folks who appreciates someone who keeps their mouth closed while chewing.

You can also count me among the folks who frequently wonder if people might have other more important things to concern themselves with.

Can you imagine the day the future of Ohio State's head coach becomes the topic of wild speculation founded in whether or not his spouse can look good and chew gum at the same time?

Thank goodness the bye week is over.