"Cancel the schedule" said the Buckeye fan. "Let's just go right to Pasadena!"

These were the comments of an Ohio State football fan 6 days before the Buckeyes opener against Buffalo.

There is certainly a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the 2013 Ohio State football season.

The Buckeyes didn't lose a game in Urban Meyer's first season.

That perfect 12-0 run and the return of Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback Braxton Miller, most of his weapons at the skill positions and some speedy freshman have fans like my friend saying silly things like "cancel the schedule."

It's a dangerous mentality to have but not an uncommon one.

"This is Buckeye Land!" a fan exclaimed while explaining why the Buckeyes wouldn't have any problems this season.

While that sentiment is true and this is "Buckeye Land", that in and of itself won't win one game for Ohio State.

Because for every "Buckeye Land" there is a "Aggie Land" or "Gator Land" or "Tiger Land" or shudder the thought "Wolverine Land".

Everyone believes another undeafeated season is possible for this year's Buckeyes. This blog is not attempting to dispute the possibility.

But, this season is far different from last.

The 2012 Buckeyes were banned from post-season play. They couldn't win a Big Ten or national championship. They couldn't win a bowl game because there weren't allowed to play in one.

This team is not only eligible to win a Big Ten and national title. They are favored by many to win one if not both championships.

That's called pressure.

It's nice to look down the schedule as a fan and check games off as wins before they are every played. Everyone does it, fans and media alike. Truth be told there are probably more than a few players who do the same thing.

Buffalo, check. San Diego State, check... Right on down the line.

What those fans can't see is that game waiting in the shadows.

Everyone had the Purdue game at Ohio Stadium checked off prior to last season.

No one saw Braxton Miller being carted off the field and the game going into overtime.

Ohio State won that game of course but wait is waiting for the Buckeyes this season?

No one knows for sure.

The forecast is rosey. Actually, it's better than rosey. But the seeds have to be allowed to mature before this team can smell the flowers.

Run the table by winning the game one at a time.

Do it and all will be right in Buckeye Land.