The Columbus Blue Jackets are in playoff position as March draws to a close.

Most seasons since the team began play in the 2000-2001 season, that has not been the case.

But this year, the Jackets have survived a variety of injuries, insults and indifference to be in a position to move into the post-season for just the second time in the organization's history.

The off season brought promise with the summer-time acquisition of the hottest free-agent in the market; Nathan Horton.

Nevermind that Horton needed shoulder surgery and wouldn't join the team until after Christmas. The Blue Jackets had the man everyone else wanted.

Nevermind the fact the team got off to another disappointing start. Starting 2-5 was not in anyone's plan after the fabulous finish of 2013.

Nevermind the NHL's best goaltender last season, Vezina Trophy winner Sergei Bobrovsky got hurt in early December just as the team was beginning to put things together.

Nevermind this team is one of the few in the recent history of the NHL that does not have a captain.

Nevermind that the superstar forward acquired at last season's trade deadline, Marion Gaborik, was injured twice and ultimately traded at this year's trade deadline for a young third or fourth line forward who has only played in two games since his March 6th arrival and has yet to record a point as a Blue Jacket. 

Nevermind the coach of the most profitable non-professional sports team in town dissed the only Big Four sports franchise in town(The Blue Jackets) by admitting to an Atlanta newspaper that he sometimes sells Columbus as a "large city with no professional sports."

Nevermind that the Columbus Dispatch which is owned by the company that also owns a slice of the Blue Jackets ran a front page article on the day of one of the most important home games of the year crowing over the team's low attendence and bad tv ratings.

Nevermind that the much-hyped free agent signed in the off-season is now injured and will miss the first game of April and possibly "beyond" according to his head coach.

Nevermind that some fans don't view that player's loss as a big deal since he hasn't scored a goal that counts since January 23rd.

Nevermind that the Jackets don't have a player among the top-45 point scorers in the NHL. Nor do they have a player in the top 90 when it comes to plus/minus ratings.

In the standings where it counts, the Blue Jackets enter the final month of the regular season not just in the playoff discussion but in the playoffs--if they were to begin at this moment.

There is still work to do. In fact there is a lot of work to do before the team gains a post-season berth.

But what they have acheived to this point in the face of opponents, critics and bad breaks proves this team does things as a team regardless of what others may think or feel.

As such this team should not be counted out until the end.