Today at 1:00, Ohio State moves into Nationwide Arena.

In fact, the Buckeyes will face down their biggest rival and defend Nationwide as if it were their home.

That is a good thing.

It's not Woody vs. Bo. It's not David Boston v. Charles Woodson.

It's hockey. Ohio State hockey v. Michigan hockey in a Big Ten battle in an NHL arena.

All good.

Ohio State is the number one sports brand in Columbus and likely always will be.

The Blue Jackets are the city's highest profile professional organization. Collaboration between the two can only lead to good things.

If the Blue Jackets can harness some of the firepower that comes with aligning themselves with Ohio State, their franchise will benefit.

If Ohio State can tap into the global reach of an NHL franchise and its national respected hockey leaders, the university's athletic machine can benefit.

It doesn't have to be a battle over ticket dollars and season ticket holder commitments.

They play different games. But are in the same game.

Seeing Buckeye colors fly down the ice at Nationwide Arena in a game against a rival brings a spirit of collaboration that strengthens bonds from High Street to Nationwide Boulevard.

Who's going to find fault with that?