The Columbus Blue Jackets have never played Ohio State's football team.

The Jackets have never faced off against the Ohio State basketball team.

Yet, the CBJ battles both every day.

The Jackets, though 13 years old are still a relativly new option for veteran Columbus sports fans.

They played their first game on October 7, 2000.

The football Buckeyes had a 110 year head start on them. The Bucks first played May 3, 1890  recording a win over Ohio Wesleyan.

The basketball Buckeyes first tip-off in the late 1890's and joined what would eventually become the Big Ten Coonference right around 1912.

For arguments sake, let's say the Buckeye hoopsters had at least a century of history before the puck dropped at Nationwide.

The point here of course is not just the years but the generations involved in following the Buckeyes.

Kids who are in their teens today had fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and likely great-great grandfathers who cheered for men like Chic Harley, Wes Fesler, Hop Cassady, Jerry Lucas, Archie Griffin, Jim Jackson, Eddie George, Greg Oden and Troy Smith.

Lots of history there.

The Jackets are just now creeping into their second generation of fans. Kids whose Dad's may have been 20 when they went to their first Jackets game are now lacing up skates and playing the game for the first time.

Dad's don't have to share tales of "when Geoff Sanderson played" because the son was probably right there watching.

In short, the history book for the CBJ is a few hundred pages short of the volumes the Buckeyes have already written.

Slowly but surely though the pages turn and with each page another fan or two joins the story.

Monday, longtime WTVN radio host John Corby said on the air he was thinking about jumping on the Blue Jackets band wagon. All it took was a Blue Jackets win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

John is a Buckeye through and through. Born and bred in the state and educated by THE Ohio State University.

Because of his long tenure on the radio, John may even have more name recognition in this town than two of the men charged with making the Blue Jackets organization go: Owner John McConnell and President of Hockey Operations John Davidson.

For radio John--"Corbs" as he's known affectionately by his listeners-- to even hint at jumping on the Blue Jackets bandwagon is significant because of his vast influence over "regular guys" in his listening audience.

If Corby is doing it, it must be worthwhile.

The Blue Jackets did in fact beat Tampa Bay that night. They came from behind in the third period to win 3-2. It was the team's 4th win in a row.

More importantly, they got a John Corby on the bandwagon.

Welcome Corbs. The next game is Friday night at 7:00 at Nationwide Arena. We'll see you there.

It won't add years to the NHL's history in Columbus, but Corby's recognition of the Jackets recent success is certainly a significant step along the constantly evolving path to generational viability.

The Jackets should be happy to have you on board.