Columbus, Ohio and winter have been reacquainted in a big way in the last few months and most residents of Central Ohio aren't happy about it.

Chill out.

Winter is not something new. Snow and ice are as much a part of Buckeye state winters as basketballs at the Schott and hockey pucks at Nationwide.

Yet every winter--especially tough ones like this--residents whine and complain about the winter weather as though it was a surprise.

Try something new.

Embrace it.

On an Olympicly beautiful Saturday afternoon, shortly after the United States hockey team had defeated the Russians in Sochi, Columbus seemed to wrap their collective arms around winter and all it has to offer.

Children were riding molded plastic sleds at Antrim Park and actually enjoying the snow hitting them in the face.

Teenagers willingly picked up shovels and cleared a pond in Worthington Hills.

Not a driveway. Not a side walk. A pond.

So they could play hockey.

Granted neither the kids nor the teams had to negotiate 315 to get to work by 8:00am

They don't have to pay gas or electirc bills or keep a new pair of dress shoes from being ruined by winter's slop.

But they brought out a side of winter that is too often overlooked in this part of the world.

Television news anchors begin whining to their weather people with the first few flakes of the season and don't let up until The Memorial Tournament begins.

They complain about freezing temperatures and warn drivers of "frightening" or "treacherous" driving conditions whenever the show reaches the accumulation stage.

Time to grow up and realize we don't live in Miami we live in Columbus.

Enough of the winter-phobia.

It's time for Columbus to put it's big boy boots on and go out and tromp around in the snow for a bit.

Take a walk through Schiller Park and hear the snow crunch under your feet.

Slide on up to Highbanks and let your dog rip through the snow for a bit and try not to smile.

Ski, skate or just walk in the freezing temperatures, breath deep and get that refreshed feeling that only comes from being outdoors in the winter.

Winter can and should be enjoyed. It offers much more than a slow commute and wind chill factors.

Winter can fire some cruel shots our way. Perhaps the best way to battle back is with a few snowballs of your own.