Maybe it was the weather.

Maybe it's the looming U.S. Open and the fact he hasn't won a major since my 5-year old was learning to crawl.

Maybe it's the fact he was 10 strokes off the lead heading into play Saturday.

Maybe it was the cell phones--no wait that was Phil.

Whatever the reason, the guy ranked number one in the world didn't seem to be into his job during third round play at The Memorial.

Tiger Woods had his worst 9-holes as a professional when he shot 44 on holes 10 through 18.

44! That's basically bogey golf. Fine for a member or a second or third flight tournament player. We're talking about Tiger Woods.

Tiger brought it back with a 1-under 35 on the back for an 18 hole total of 79. 7 over.

That's Tiger's worst round ever at Jack's place.

He's won 4 tournaments this year. He's regained the #1 spot. He's won the Memorial 5 times!

And he throws a 79 out there?

Tiger seemed disinterested the way a spoiled child grows bored with all of his toys.

He rushed through the 14th hole. Barely bothered to line up a short chip on 15 and triple bogeyed the 18th hole.

He started his final 9 holes with back-to-back birdies but was one over the rest of the way.

He last hole was the 9th. He pulled a drive left into the trees. Yanked his second off a patron left of the green. Flopped to the green and two-putted for a bogey.

As Woods was crossing the bridge to the halfway house to sign his card, a Patron yelled loudly, "Hey Tiger, Pick it Up!" Ouch!

Tiger did pick it up. He picked up his pace while zipping past 15 or so assemlbed members of the media waiting on an explanation.

No time to talk after you shoot 79.  He likely had been holding back words all day long.

Tiger's got one round left before he heads to Merion for the U.S. Open. Perhaps he'll do some talking there. Perhaps he'll shoot another 79.

Whatever, the folks at Muirfield Village got to see a side of Tiger they'd never seen before.

The side that's just like the rest of us hackers out there on a course that proved to be tougher than he was.