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Joel Riley

Carla Hale take

Posted April 25th, 2013 @ 5:31am

It's been fascinating to watch as the Carla Hale story has gained momentum from central Ohio, to statewide, and now to national conversation.  So many people want to complicate the story beyond it's simple basic facts.  Apparently 19 years ago, a younger Hale was interested in teaching physical education and applied at Bishop Watterson HS.  And apparently after going through a hiring process, she was offered a job.  Prior to acceptance of the job, she had to sign some paperwork in which she agreed to uphold a certain moral code.  Today, school administrators have deemed she did not live up to that part of her contract and have severed ties. 

I understand that this on top of losing her mother recently is quite a blow and that the proceedings being started by information within her mother's obituary is especially tough to take, but the heart of the story is breech of contract isn't it?  I guess I don't understand anyone who wants to be involved in a group that publicly states they aren't interested in having them as a member.  Some will argue that we should all be included and even point to the movie '42' and the Jackie Robinson story.  I can't imagine what it took for him to break the color barrier and to endure all the hazing and hate and ugliness, but he did and today people of color have as many opportunities as anyone else.  Is the gay issue the same thing?  It is argued that gay people are born that way and they deserve the same opportunities as anyone else.  The Catholic Church however takes a dim view of homosexuality, so you might ask why would Ms. Hale want to work for such an organization?  Was she tyrying to break that barrier?  If yes, she wasn't exactly openly warring over the issue.  She worked 19 years and was only outed (at least to the administrators of the school) by her mother's obit.  Is it fair, the treatment she received?  There's no word that she was treated any differently than any other staff member or instructor at Watterson.  But, when it came to light that she was living a life different from Catholic doctrine and one that is not what the church of school supports, she was terminated.  I guess we'll find out which entity has more clout... the church and it's beliefs or the state and it's rules.  The state says a hiring entity can not discriminate based on a host of criteria, including sexual orientation.  The Catholic Church does not view that as a valid active life style choice.  It seems increasingly that religion and religious beliefs are losing...


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