Here's an interview I did with Jaison Abel from the Federal Reserve Bank... his research shows a college education is still worth the expense.
And then there was reaction... like this from Dave.
The gentleman talking about college costs on your show was trying to put lipstick on a pig. Compared to ten years ago the cost of college is going up but the value of the education is going down; that's a negative any way you put it. The only "positive" is relative to the value of a high school education, which is dropping even faster. The real problem is that our government gives money to ANYBODY to go to college, often ruining their lives for years to come, or forever. The only winners are the universities, who get richer and still keep raising their costs, because the students, via the government, via the taxpayer, will continue to pay. And OSU still has the nerve to have students call me and ask for money because I graduated from there. I always say no and try to educate the student caller. It's all just ridiculous. The only fix is to make students qualify for a college loan, just like you have to qualify for a mortgage.