The Columbus Foundation named their National Champions and it's a really a list of what makes this city great...  see all of it on their website.


Michael Rubin is our middle east and terrorism expert and he joined us with comment on the new shoe bomber threat.  He has a new book out called 'Dancing with the Devil : a half century of diplomacy with rogue regimes".  You can get a thumbnail of it or even buy it right here.


Our man Ron Wilson is live at the Home and Garden show tomorrow... watch for him on the Garden stage at 10 sharp and then a roundtable of garden gurus kicks off at noon.  Should be chock full of great ideas...


And one thing I would say is of utmost import...  there's talk the FCC may start sitting in newsrooms across the country in an effort to judge why certain stories get on the air and others do not.  It reminds me of that scene in 'Good Morning Vietnam' when Robin Williams character wants to share the news of the day, but Army personnel redact it before he can get it out.  Well, the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece from one of the commissioners, Ajit Pai.  If you'd like to see his take and what the commission is attempting, click through and read it for yourself.