When I was in college, I had a communications professor named Dr. Jim Grissinger.  Dr. Gris ( as we knew him on campus) had taught college classes for some 33 years when I stumbled on to campus, and while I did learn a tremendous amount from him, there were a couple of nuggets that really stuck with me.  One of them is encapsulated in the idea that you can learn from anyone.  A true expert leads by example and is full of knwledge, but even someone who is terrible at a task or job can also be learned from... they are in fact a good example of a bad example. 

With that in mind, I give you Apllebee's.  I posted a story last week about the restaurant chain involving the posting of a receipt on which a pastor queried why she should pay an 18% tip when she only offers God 10%.  Well, after an apology and firing the waitress, I'm sure Applebee's thought the story would go away.  it did anything but... probably because of how poorly they are handling the fallout.

photo courtsey of flickr