So... I requested a couple days off and am going to be gone from the show Thursday and Friday.  My son is on spring break and I want to spend some time with him, plus we're volunteering at our local food bank tomorrow and the help they need conflicted with my regular schedule.  I'm very pleased that the guy covering the show is sports director Matt McCoy.  Matthew is one of the best people I've ever worked with in radio... he's a high character guy, has passion for the mighty 610 WTVN, is a great family man, and is a total blast to be around.  Since he's our sports director, you know him best for his coverage of the Buckeyes and the world of sports, but he's not a one dimensional dude.  He and I talk through lots of issues off the air... we're both dads so we chat about raising kids and bounce ideas off each other regularly... or at least tell funny stories about what's going on with our kids.  He deals with traffic (and the corresponding idiot drivers) just like the rest of us and heck, if you listen to the afternoon show, you can tell even Corby likes him and trust me, that's a small group of people!  With the Sweet 16 commencing Thursday, it's a no brainer to have Matt covering the big bases and providing deep coverage on OSU and the three other Big Ten teams still alive.  It's truly one of the best things about working at WTVN... we have quality people in key spots and Matthew is one of those people.  I hope you enjoy listening to him, and I'll talk with you again on Monday.  Happy Easter!