A day removed from the snow event and a couple things occur to me.  First off, where I live in Licking County, there was almost no accumulation.  In fact, most of the people I know out there ranked on Columbus media for 'overhyping' the storm.  When I told them that there was 7 inches in the parking lot outside the station and that officially there was 6.9 inches at the airport, they cooled a little, but it got me to thinking.  With all the social media and how connected we are, why do people get so upset about things like that.  If they would just pay even a little attention to the information available, they would have quickly realized that the snow was worse northwest of Columbus than east and south.  I saw all kinds of posts that would have made it pretty easy to track.  Plus I mentioned this information numerous times on the show yesterday... I guess eventhough we are more connected than ever, you can't make people pay attention.

To add to that, my school system closed.  Nothing makes my head hurt more than when they pull that crap.  Therer is no way that roads were even remotely unsafe yesterday, even the backest of back roads.  Slushy at 3am when I left and they called school off around 5a.  Again, if they pay attention at all to the information available, they would know that the weather tehre isn't what it was in Columbus or on the other side of town.  We get mesaging as parents to keep the kids brains engaged over Christmas break, and Easter break and for sure over summer, but the teachers and administrators themselves seem to have no problem offering a flimsy excuse to break the flow when kids are actually scheduled for class.  And, when it's time to pass a lvy, they seem incredulous that anyone would even consider voting against it.  Personally, I like consistent perfromers... ones who you can count on through thick and thin.  I mean the post office used trudge through sleet and rain and dark of night to deliver for you and now they can't make it on Saturdays.  It's no wonder young people are getting softer... we use an adjacent school district's decision to cancel to facilitate our own cancellation without looking at the facts and making a good decision for ourselves.

Finally... you ever hear that adage about if you come in early, you're on time, and if you come in on time, you're late, and if you're late, why not just don't bother?  I visited Buckeye Muffler last week on some business and the manager was laughing about that.  He said if he has workers who are late, he requires them to bring in donuts.  I know that if that rule was in effect around here, I'd be eating donuts almost every day.  What is it about some people who don't respect their position in life that they can't even come to work on time?  I've worked almost every hour of the day and night and even like yesterday when there was tough travel conditions, I managed to make it to work in a timely fashion and was prepared, as did most of my coworkers.  Certainly there are circumstances that occassionally cause folks to be late, but when it's common it shows a real lack of respect to the employer, co-workers and ultimately to one's self.  If you are habitually late, you never give yourself the chance to be as good as you can be.  And when management overlooks this type of behavior, it shows that rules can be broken and that isn't good for anyone.